So, it turns out that our fried-chicken and sausage-eating, ice-cream cone licking FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, has led by example after all.

She has managed to keep America’s youth just as porky as ever.

The Centers for Disease Control data confirm this, and somebody with a penchant for the truth published it in the journal “Obesity.”

The “Let’s Move!” program, combined with the god-awful mystery meals on cafeteria lunch trays have done nothing to improve the health of America’s kids.

In fact, as reported by The Daily Caller, data examined by Duke University’s Ashely Skinner, who studied the CDC’s national Health and Nutrition Examination results, shows “the percentage of overweight and obese children between 2 and 19 years of age has increased across the board since 1999.”


What doesn’t the Obama family fail at?

Well, for starters, they tried to get the CDC to change its tune when it comes to the fact that Michelle’s “Let’s Move!” program had an opposite result.

Of course, the Obamas are masters of the three-card-monty, so they are out there shilling as hard and fast as ever.

Meanwhile, Michelle continues to work up an appetite and keeps shoveling un-healthy food in her face while denying those same treats to our kids.

Source: Mad World News


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