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North Carolina’s HB 2, which has been recognized as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, outlaws any region within its boundaries (cities, towns, counties) to create and pass their own non-discrimination ordinances. It also makes people use the public restrooms that correspond to what gender they were born as, regardless of whether or not they are transgender.

Governor Pat McCrory signed the bill almost immediately after it got approved by the state legislature. However, when a strong stance is made, some people won’t like it.

Michael Moore, a 61-year-old director most known for his political films, has released a statement saying that he will boycott North Carolina after the passage of the “bathroom law”.

In a Tweet from Tuesday, Moore tweeted, “I have asked my distributor NOT to book my film in any theater in North Carolina due 2 their bigoted law against LGBTQ ppl. They have agreed.”

Well hallelujah! This is one state that is spared from Moore's latest box office flop!

Michael Moore is not the only celebrity boycotting North Carolina, as fellow filmmaker Rob Reiner, rocker Bryan Adams, and rocker Bruce Springsteen have vowed to boycott the state.

It’s interesting that of the following, they seem to only care about laws in the United States not wherever their films are released, where their concerts are, or where their current headquarters are. In a statement on Bryan Adam's website, he says that he "cannot in good conscience perform in a state where certain people are being denied their civil rights due to their sexual orientation.

However, that has no stopped in the past when he performed in places such as Syria, Doha, Beirut, Damascus, and other places where women and LGBTQ are abused and killed.

Bruce Springsteen canceled his tour in Greensboro, North Carolina in order to stand in "solidarity with those freedom fighters." Yet, he has an upcoming concert in Italy that doesn't even recognize same-sex couples as unions.

He also performs within the Song label that does business in countries where it is perfectly legal to jail or kill someone for being gay.

Do you think these celebrities are being hypocrites?

h/t: Breitbart

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