Michael Moore is at it again. Moore wants a generous second helping from your pocket; free college and free health care.

In his fantasy world, more governmental provisions for the people in the form of cradle-to-grave welfare, will prevent murder involving a shooting.

“From Ireland to Italy to Norway, from New Zealand to South Korea to Morocco, governments all over the world have discovered that the real way to reduce violence is to simply take care of each other."

Perhaps Mr. Moore has never heard of the former terroristic IRA movements in Ireland, or the radical Islamists making themselves at home in Morocco.

Mr. Moore claims that that we force ourselves to “live in a constant state of fear: fear of going broke, fear of losing your job, fear of getting sick, fear of getting old and being without.” 

Of course, we “cope,” and in our state of fear, “take the ulcer for the team.” Those that can’t? They get a hold of guns and ammo and “act out in their frustration and aggression.”

“Not because they saw Kill Bill. But because they live in the home of the brave. That is something we can change.”

Well, he can go live in land of cowering wusses if he would like. Or better yet, he might try Morocco. There he can learn the true meaning of fear, while he pines for welfare to feed his gluttony.

He might even decide to try bravery in the face of all that the Moroccan government does for its people.

Source: CNS News


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