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Sigmund Freud has always claimed that bad behavior was determined by the relationship between the criminal and their mother. In the case where Michael Brown is concerned, it doesn't appear that the old-world psychologist was too far off of the mark.

Leslie McFadden, who is Mike Brown's mother, went to Twitter and Facebook to share acidic comments about how very happy she was that two police officers in Furguson got shot. Seriously folks, how can any mother whose son was shot, actually be happy that others were shot as well? It seems like a criminal mother raised a criminal son. After all, what did the forensics point out? That Mike Brown went for Officer Wilson's gun during their altercation.

Criminally horrific parenting aside, Leslie McFadden's offensive posts got removed, as well as the offending Tweets from her Twitter account. However, some folks on the Internet were quick with their screenshot button, capturing the damning content before it was taken down.

offensive mom post

It's bad enough that Mommie Dearest didn't teach her son any respect for the law, or any respect for other people's property and life as well, but just get a good look at how many likes those posts were at during the times of the next set of screen captures.

offensive mom post 2

another offensive post

How does anyone justify such wanton hate? What can people do against such medieval barbarism?

This is the fault of mainstream liberalism, just as much as it is the fault of this twisted, bent in the head mother. Giving such people a camera and microphone while they're rioting instills a false sense of credibility, allowing their violent rhetoric to grow with every granted second on television.

Any amount of sympathy for a mother loosing her son is completely erased by this act of lunacy. This is not about the color of Leslie McFadden's skin, nor is it about the color of Michael Brown's skin. It's about their character, the content of their souls. Such people don't care for reason, or the law, or even the society that props them up with welfare when hard times hit. The only thing they care for is their next target, their next focus for hate. Their next big score.

Anybody who is screaming for equality while breaking the law and showing out right hatred for their society, deserve neither equality or the respect of their community. Leslie McFadden, you have failed as a law-abiding citizen. You have failed your community. Worst of all, you have failed your son, Michael Brown, who would have known better with anybody else raising him. What a freaking shame.



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