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The family that raised Michael Brown, the less-than-gentle giant whose death from a police shooting even Eric Holder’s Department of Justice had to acknowledge was justified, may face criminal charges for assault in an incident arising from the protests that followed the shooting incident.

In October of last year, as the protests were boiling over, Lesley McSpadden, Michael Brown’s mother, confronted Pearlie Gordon, Brown’s grandmother, over a booth Gordon had opened and from which Gordon was selling merchandise to protesters bearing Michael Brown’s name.

McSpadden apparently did not admire Gordon’s brash entrepreneurial spirit. Accompanied by a mob of twenty or thirty people, McSpadden destroyed Gordon’s booth and merchandise, assaulted members of Gordon’s group, and, for good measure, stole approximately $2,000 in cash and other articles of value.

The Ferguson Police Department (which in a separate, current story just saw two of its members shot and wounded after being targeted by a different Ferguson mob) completed an investigation of the McSpadden/Gordon matter and handed its report over to the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office. The DA is reviewing the evidence to decide if criminal charges should be filed. While some observers claim this is a family dispute, another interpretation of the evidence would be that it was felony armed robbery.

McSpadden’s husband, Louis Head, was also a participant in the potential armed robbery. Mr. Head of course made himself famous through his role in cheering on the riots that followed the shooting death of Michael Brown. Although the “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” account of that shooting was thoroughly discredited by a subsequent Department of Justice report exonerating police officer Darren Wilson, the damage has been done, as the incident led to a period of rioting that extended for months, culminating only this week in the shooting of two police officers. The end, of course, is nowhere in sight.

With the Department of Justice now claiming, based on questionable evidence, systematic racism by the Ferguson Police Department in matters unrelated to the Brown shooting, the filing of charges in this McSpadden/Gordon incident may lead to further unrest. The federal government has put the people of Ferguson, Missouri at each other’s throats. Business owners have left and won’t come back, nor is it likely that they will be replaced.

It is reasonable to conclude that the purpose of ginning of this incident into an ongoing national story was to increase voter in the 2014 mid-terms turnout among working class African Americans (and note that the similar Zimmerman case became a major story in the run-up to the 2012 elections).

Working class African American are a population that was ill-treated by democrats under slavery and segregation, and continues to be ill-treated by the democrat party today.


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