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Donald Trump is the Republican presidential candidate. Don’t kid yourselves and think there is anything “presumptive” about it. He’s it. The Republican Party’s hopes and dreams are riding on him. For all of his blowhard antics, it is time for him to prove he is the great uniter and team builder he claims to be

Professional boxer and black man Adrien Broner is in Trump’s corner. During a sit-down with the radio show, Breakfast Club, Broner was asked about his support of Trump, and he said, “Everything he’s [Trump] saying is crazy, but everything he’s saying is correct.”

Oh, but wait. That attitude might anger the mighty Latino. “Mexicans going to hate you,” said a show host. To which Broner replied, “They already do!”  Ha! Good for Mr. Broner.

Broner went on to sum up his support of The Donald. “He’s going to lower those taxes, and that’s what I’m with because taxes have been kicking my *ss.” In other words, Broner wants and expects Trump to “Lower that sh*t.”

Well, you certainly don’t have to be a professional boxer to get on board the Trump Train when it comes to that rally-cry.

Whether you like Trump or not, it is certainly interesting to see the diversity of his fan base. He definitely does appear to be uniting the melting pot of America, be they a  profession black boxer, 1st generation Mexican immigrant, female, Evangelical, Muslim, young or old.  Now it just remains to be seen if he can pull off a win.

Source: Biz Pac Review


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