Assimilate into America, and speak English!

That is the sentiment of the small sign posted in the kitchen area of Billy Reed’s Palm Springs, California restaurant. It pretty much says, do not speak Spanish to your coworkers. Do not speak Spanish on the cook line, unless necessary. Do not speak it at the waitress station. Definitely do not speak Spanish at the front desk.

In an effort to quell his patrons’ discomfort with hearing the Spanish ramblings of the staff, Reed posted the Spanish-speaking-embargo directive to his employees.


At least one of the employees has a problem with this, because it makes that person feel more comfortable to speak their first language, and they are being discriminated against, and they fear for their job security. For the record, Reed has no plans to fire anyone.

Funny how the English as a Second Language (ESL) employee had no problem complaining in English to the media.

Sadly, for Reed, and the rest of us English speaking Americans, Obama is part of this ESL-primero problem too. English-only speaking rules are, in-fact, against the anti-discrimination laws of the EEOC.

Of course they are! Americans don’t come first anymore. What are we thinking? This is our first country, our first language, and our role is to kowtow to everyone else who feels put-out, and play second-fiddle to anyone who might be offended by anything.

People who don’t speak English in America need to get over yourselves. You offend the rest of us.

¡Asimile en América, y diga inglés!

h/t: Top Right News

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