After Ford Motor Company announced that they would be scrapping their plans to build a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico in order to invest $700 million in their Michigan plant many Americans rejoiced as they saw Trump start to make good on his promise to bring jobs back to America. Mexico on the other hand, was not so pleased by Ford's decision, which they directly linked to Trump's growth plans.

As the news broke that Mexico would not be getting the new Ford plant, and instead the United States would be receiving more jobs and the massive investment from the iconic American company, they began to explode in outrage and panic.

News of the decision has hit the front page of Mexican newspapers across the country, as they begin to realize that Trump isn't messing around and he is a man of his word.

In addition to keeping the new jobs created by the American company American, Trumps actions to keep Ford's new investment in the U.S. has had a notable impact of the value of the peso that dropped almost a whole percent, following the news of Ford's decision.

Trump has promised throughout his campaign to deal with issues that involve our southern neighbor such as illegal immigration and the movement of American jobs out of the U.S. and into Mexico. Trump has taken a very firm stance on these issues and promised to do what is necessary to protect American interests when it comes to handling these prudent issues.

What this Ford decision really shows is "how much actual leverage Trump has within specific companies, which is far greater than what Mexican elites thought until recently," as explained by Mexican analyst Alejandro Hope.

After seeing the power that Trump actually has on creating new jobs in America and preventing them from leaving our country Mexico is panicking. One Mexican editorial, El Universal wrote "Trump will try to recover as many U.S. companies that have set up in Mexico as possible."

This is something we can count on from President-elect Donald Trump and this sort of reaction just goes to show that Trump, once again, isn't just talk. He has real power and a is going to make real changes to do what is necessary to make America great again.

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Source: Associated Press


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