It was an accident, says the Mexican authorities. Proving themselves as incompetent as always when keeping control of the lawlessness of drug runners in their own country, Mexican military personnel in the City of Camargo managed to shoot-up an SUV driven by an American woman and her children.

An 18-month old little girl was shot in the back, a second child was bullet-grazed, and the mother injured by shattered glass fragments. The child has undergone surgery for her wounds and will be going home on Monday. The mother, Saida De La Torre, wants the Mexican military held responsible.

She admits she was caught in the cross-fire and the fleeing vehicle was similar to her own;

“I began to realize the soldiers were following me. I thought they were following the truck that I had seen speeding. I think they got confused and though my truch was the one they were first chasing. They started firing at us.”

The excuse is, “They [soldiers] thought they were the bad guys,” according to Guadalupe Salinas, the head of the federal prosecutor’s office (Tamaulipas, Mexico).

So what he is saying is, is that the Mexican military was doing such as stellar job at their investigation and following of drug runners, that they managed to mistake an SUV for another vehicle that they had been watching so very, very closely that they lost track of it, and just decided to blast Ms. De La Torre's SUV to bits.

Yep. Pretty much.

The soldiers are remorseful, and Ms. De La Torre recognizes that, which is far more gracious that many of us can probably imagine being.

This is another example of why the United States is having to deal with this overflow of drug problems from Mexico. The Mexican authorities are useless. They have proven it in this instance alone by not being able to follow a single car and deal with it appropriately.

Thank God the child is not dead.

Source: BizPacReview

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