More than a dozen, heavily armed, masked fanatics crowd behind the four bound women who are forced to kneel at the men’s feet while facing a video camera. The fear in the women’s eyes, torn clothes and barred breasts only hint at the horrors that preceded their appearance on camera. As the fanatical leader screams invectives at the women in a foreign language, the women cower before the men as they apparently provide the answers that the militants seemed to demand.

In the six-minute video distributed by the militant group, the gunmen proceed from haranguing the women to butchering them in a brutal display of violence that saw the use of knifes, machetes, and an axe being wielded to behead the four hapless women.

Is this yet another brutal display of ISIS savagery committed in the far-off landscapes of Syria and Iraq? No. This killing ground is much closer to home. The killer’s language was Spanish, and the murderers were Mexican narco-terrorists.

Ongoing Drug War Targets Innocents

Rather than ISIS, the killers were members of Mexico’s deadly Los Zetas drug cartel. Originally comprised of deserting, elite, Mexican Army commandos, Los Zetas turned on their oath to their nation and through in their lot with the drug-trafficking Gulf Cartel in 1999. As the adage goes, "there is no honor among thieves," and Los Zetas broke from their employer almost five years ago to form their own criminal enterprise. Their elite training and background, along with their military connections that exist to this day; Los Zetas quickly rose to the top in a very dangerous game. Indeed, their very presence made it more dangerous.

In the video, cartel members borrowed from the ISIS playbook to terrorize the local populous. They were demanding to know what her relationship was to a rival gang when she admitted her brother was a member.

With brutal precision, four cartel members stepped forward and slit the women’s throats before proceeding to gruesomely behead them on camera. This happened in Mexico.

Nero Played While Rome Burned

As these acts of violence play out just across our border, we can’t help but remember the story of Emperor Nero who blithely played the fiddle as the City of Rome burned, and not think of our own Chief Executive, Barack Hussein Obama, who refuses to act to secure our borders against a tide of violent extremist who seem poised to storm our southern border. Obviously, the president places a higher priority in padding future Democratic voting rolls than he does our nation’s security.

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