What seems obvious to many isn’t always obvious to some, and the assumption for many within the mainstream media, is to simply paint with a broad brush and assume that if your pigmentation is dark or if your sexual preference comes within a ray of colors, or   your last name ends in a vowel, then you must be a disciple of the left.

And so when the mainstream media orchestrates it’s “spontaneous coverage” of Donald Trumps visit to the Mexican border everything is as it should be, the lights, the cameras, the production, and of course the reporter all on the scene ready with his script, and all that’s needed is an angry Mexican spewing an anti Trump narrative.

And so when Rosa Palacios declared her support for Trump, it obviously took the CNN crew my surprise. So much so that an incredulous CNN reporter had to double-check to make sure she was indeed a Mexican American.

And when asked if she was insulted by Trumps remarks that many illegal Mexicans are rapists and killers.

Palacios responded; “No, sir, not at all, he’s talking just about the truth.”

She continued; “I like what he’s doing. I love what he’s gonna be doing, I’m praying for all of his intentions. What he’s talking about and what he’s going to be doing, I hope they go through.”

It’s obvious that CNN and the liberal establishment wasn’t expecting someone like Rosa Palacios, however there may be more Rosa Palacios on the Mexican border then the liberal media thinks, in that illegal criminal aliens don’t discriminate.



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