By now, news of Hillary Clinton's health episode over the weekend has spread like wildfire. In a country that values public opinion and public presentation more than many other qualities, the idea that Clinton might be sick and trying to hide her illness is a frightening one. No one wants to see a sickly president.

So when a member of the crowd caught footage on Sunday of Hillary Clinton being literally carried into a van, the video has been carefully scrutinized for any signs about what could be wrong.

If the video is zoomed in and slowed down, it appears that there is a metal casing or cylinder that falls from Clinton's pant leg or higher up on her body just before she is pulled into the waiting vehicle. People have speculated that the metal could have been part of a leg brace or some kind or harness that Clinton was wearing at the 9/11 memorial event.

Clinton was wearing dark sunglasses to the event, a potential sign that she was trying to hide her physical condition. She then left early, waiting for a van to arrive and take her to a private location. The captured video shows Clinton apparently unable to even get into the van without lots of help from Secret Service agents. Those agents then surround the van to block all views of the inside.

Some people think that the metal casing could have come from a Diazepam pen, a treatment typically associated with alcoholism or severe anxiety. Our friends over at Gateway Pundit seem to have tied one man to Clinton's episode on Sunday, as well as another "freezing" episode where Clinton could possibly have been injected with the calming Diazepam.


Whatever the cause of her episode, it's clear that something is wrong with Clinton's health. Trump has vowed to release a full physical to the public. Will Clinton be brave enough to do the same?

h/t: Clash Daily, Gateway Pundit

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