It only takes one, as terror attacks in Ft. Hood, Orlando and Nice, France prove.

Two terrorists created the horror at the Boston Marathon and at an office party in San Bernardino.

Great Britain voted to extricate itself from the immigration policies of the European Union, and the U.S. election pits open borders advocate Clinton against fence-builder Trump, and now German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been forced to admit that terrorists are infiltrating Europe.

Merkel, the architect and chief proponent of the immigration policy that triggered a refugee crisis exceeding that seen after World War II, said recently, “the refugee flow was even used to smuggle terrorists,” acknowledging the world’s worst-kept secret.

Critics have long pointed out that terrorists are using the mass migration of Muslims as a way to gain access to the West to carry out jihadi attacks from within.

Merkel’s disingenuous posture is being exposed, not only by the acts of terror occurring with increasing frequency in Europe and her own country, but by the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, Hans-Georg Maassen.

Maassen says ISIS has deliberately planted jihadists among migrants, saying, “I am concerned about the high number of migrants whose identities we don’t know because they had no official documents when they entered the country.”

In fact, Germans have no way of knowing who is entering, because the deluge has overwhelmed the ability of the authorities to check documents.

After passengers on a commuter train in Bavaria were seriously wounded in an axe-attack, investigators discovered the perpetrator was a migrant whose entire story had been a ruse.

He was much older than 17, as he had claimed, and mingled with Afghan refugees claiming to be fleeing violence, although he was Pakistani.

German migration officials did not have sufficient staff to check the attacker’s application. He lived in a refugee hostel until he found a home with a Catholic foster family.

In their home, police found a hand-painted ISIS flag and a handwritten message in a notebook: “Pray for me that I can take revenge on these infidels and go to paradise.”

He was writing about the Germans who had given him food and shelter and even spending money. And about the Catholics who were happy to offer him a home.

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