In the animal kingdom establishing leadership is a fairly straight forward process, in that the dominant alpha male or female wrestles power from those less powerful within the pride or pack and depending on the species establishes a chain of command, with it’s primary goal of protecting the pride or pack, by defending it’s survival against outside forces.

However when it come to that same definition of leadership when applied to humans, we began to witness all manner of convoluted logic, some remarkably are a credit to our species, however all too often we become marred within the self aggrandized world of politics, where our egos can become inflated and rather than taking care of the “pack” for which we were elected to defend and protect, we decide to welcome those that would, (if given the opportunity), destroy the pack, and that where the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, finds herself today.

Licking her self-inflected wound and lamenting; ‘I wish I could turn back time.’

Perhaps her brush-up with reality, came after reviewing the countless incidents of rape, murder, and the numerous assaults taking place all over Germany thanks to her open-door immigration policy, which admitted over one million Muslim refugees last year.

However more likely than not Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted regrets is perhaps more to do with her parties second devastating defeat within two weeks, this time in Berlin’s State Elections, in which Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) party took a beating.

Following the defeat Merkel said she accepted her share of responsibility for why voters rejected her policies and punished her party, acknowledging; “If people decide that they do not want to take in people of a Muslim belief then the constitution, the Christian values and my personal opinion will be opposed to that”.

“I myself have also relied on the Dublin agreement for a long time, that, simply speaking, removed the problem from Germany”.

She continued; “That was not good. And if I could I would turn back time for many, many years to be able to better prepare myself with the entire government and all those responsible for this situation that hit us when we were rather unprepared in the late summer of 2015.”

She also admitted that multiculturalism is a "living lie."

Oh if she were only a wolf!

Source: Express

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