Most common sense and savvy Americans get it! In that the next 4-years the mainstream media will continue vilifying, dehumanizing the Trump’s and like rabid dogs they’ll attempt to take a bite out of him or his family with iniquitous commentary even on Christmas Eve, and it’s for that very reason why the mainstream media is no longer respected, and why President-elect Trump will bypass them whenever he can, and use Twitter or surrogates to get his message “unfiltered” to his supporters.

This latest incident took place at midnight mass as the President-elect and the future First Lady walked into the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, and received a standing ovation, which my all accounts should be the prevailing news, however if you’re the mainstream media then Melania’s attractive legs and the length of her hemline becomes the news.


No doubt the media is still simmering from their awful one-sided coverage of the presidential election and how ineffective their efforts were in getting  Hillary elected, and perhaps worst yet, being called out at every Trump rally as being “dishonest” and then actually forced to cover it.

Our future First Lady is a strikingly beautiful woman, as are the entire Trump woman, and it would behoove those within the mainstream media to “play nice” when it comes to the Trump woman and their children, if they want to continue getting access to the future president, in that Trump has no problem in freezing out those that continue treating him unfairly…simply ask Fox’s own Megyn  Kelly.







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