Azrael and Sword

Abu Azrael was once a university lecturer. He was also a Taekwondo champion in Iraq. Today, he has added a new, bolder occupation. According to his mortal enemies, he is also an “Angel of Death” that is to be feared.

Men of this caliber do more than go after the evil that we know as ISIS, but become an inspiration to others. Within many foreign magazines, and among many Facebook tribute pages, the stories that surround this dedicated fighter for justice are becoming epic in content and volume, inspiring men and women to join against ISIS, to fight that terrorist organization where ever that brand of evil takes hold.

Becoming the face of the Shia fighting group known as Imam Ali brigade, he has been known to fight alongside the Iraq army, proving that complex Iraqi national differences can unite against a psychopathic enemy that comprises the body of the Islamic State.

Azrael on Magazine Cover

Along side the success stories of this “Angel of Death” are the effective Kurds who have battled and defeated the forces of ISIS time and again. Even Christians formed a militia last December and was able to liberate one of their towns. Not long after that came the story of a father who avenged the death of his son by attacking an ISIS checkpoint, killing seven of the terrorists. It's these kinds of examples that can restore a little faith back into the human spirit.

Going from an academic life to one of war requires a depth of courage that few possess. Any psycho can pick up a gun and go nuts, but a warrior they do not make. It's more than a righteous cause. ISIS is the embodiment of evil in today's world, and when that evil is being snuffed out by a true soldier, we should all start taking heed.

ISIS uses threats, propaganda, and video taped executions to bring fear to every corner of the world. There isn't a soul today who doesn't know about ISIS atrocities. The answer to all of that from a dedicated Abu Azrael is an assault rifle with a hatchet, and the ability to use them. The people in those war torn regions couldn't have a better role model to represent their rejection of terror and tyranny.

Azrael with Hatchet and Assault Rifle

One of the many questions that may form in the minds of Americans… why is an Iranian backed Shia Commander getting so much praise from the US? It's not just about popularity. He's becoming a folk legend among the many tribes that comprise both Iraq and Iran, keeping their respect, and focuses the fight upon ISIS, which is a threat to anybody with a sane sense of reason.

Many Iraqis want retribution against ISIS for all of the family members they lost. Abu Azrael is the embodiment of that desire, a blade wielding machine gun using Angel of Death. He has attained a celebrity status, using a catch phrase all of his own; "illa tahin!” which means that he will grind the Islamic State jihadists and all who support them until nothing but 'flour' remains.

The Iraqis have their hero, and he has earned every ounce of their gratitude. Any hero who opposes ISIS also deserves our respect.

Abu Azrael in Tikrit



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