One of the most unusual elections in recent history just got even stranger, if that’s possible, as a doctor has raised concerns about the testosterone levels of men who are experiencing what he thinks is a concerning symptom: the urge to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Dareld Morris is a doctor of osteopathy and director of a weight-loss clinic in Ft. Myers, Florida who poses similar thought-provoking questions on the Facebook page for his clinic, such as whether eating when upset causes indigestion, but this is his first foray into political diagnostics.

Morris, a Trump supporter, aired a radio ad in South offering to help men experiencing the urge, saying it may be a sign of a lack of the natural steroid hormone that regulates masculine traits.

“Most are not aware of the negative effects low-T can have on your mental state, for instance your ability to focus and think clearly,” according to the ad.

Dr. Morris offers a free testosterone test for any men in the listening audience who are thinking of voting for Clinton, “as a community service.”

Morris later told an NBC affiliate that he expected the radio ad to be taken in the “tongue-in-cheek” manner it was intended – as a joke and a way to advertise his weight loss clinic, but added that the ad could be considered an “experiment” to see if there was a connection between physical health and political views.

If so, it wouldn’t be the first time science has been used to try to determine how genetic make-up, family, and life experiences can shape our political beliefs and voting.

The issue of masculinity – even macho – has already been raised during the election season.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio famously teased fellow-candidate Donald Trump about having “small hands” in an obvious – and successful – attempt to get under the billionaire’s thin skin during a primary debate with the implication, “And you know what they say about men with small hands.”

Trump bit and replied – to the shocked moderators and the delight of the audience, “I guarantee you, there's no problem. I guarantee.”

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