The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri (the unarmed black man who was shot by a white police officer) is frequently held-up as an example of a widespread problem: white police officer brutality and bias against the black community. Given the mainstream, liberal media’s coverage of the incident and a few others like it, it’s easy to see why many people believe that African-Americans are regularly targeted by police and the victims of unwarranted violence.

However, the truth is much different than the stories we’ve been told. It’s not just African-Americans who are victims of violence. White people have been the victims of vicious assaults and shootings, at the hands of black criminals - you just don’t hear about it.

In Ferguson, the same town that garnered national attention after Michael Brown was shot, a white man fell victim to a brutal hate crime. The man was working as a hot dog vendor at the local Home Depot store when four black men approached his stand and stole his cell phone. When the man attempted to get his phone back, the four black men pummeled him in the head with a hammer. The hammer, by the way, was stolen from the Home Depot. The four criminals fled in a car, while the man was left lying in the parking lot with critical injuries.

This story didn’t make national headlines and it barely caused a ripple in Ferguson. This is the same town that launched protests and riots over Michael Brown being shot by a white police officer. Michael Brown, who was the suspect in a convenience store robbery, and a white police officer who was attempting to defend himself from a non-cooperative suspect.

Where’s the support and outrage for the white hot dog vendor? This man was trying to make an honest living before he became the target of a heinous attack, perpetrated by black thieves. Where were the protests? Where was the justice department? Where was the Presidential address?



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