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No doubt “every job” has dignity; however some jobs are simply not designed as a living wage for an adult let alone a family, that’s simply an economic reality.

Those of us old enough to remember our first job, (mine was a pizza parlor),  can easily recall getting paid minimum wage or in some cases whatever our “boss” wanted to pay us, “under the table” and it was usually a trade-off in learning how to interact with customers, learning how to “make change” and becoming accustomed to working within a business environment.

First forward to 2016, and let’s substitute that small pizza joint for a McDonald’s Restaurant, where a “Big Mack” and fries sells for $2 bucks, now imagine that same kid learning how to grill a hamburger, and how to interact with customers, and tomorrow he’s going to be one of those thousands of employees to go out and demonstrate for $15 an hour minimum wage. ..”really’?

Well “the just suppose” became a reality on Tuesday when the largest advocacy group for a $15 minimum wage (many of whom work at McDonald’s), demonstrated across America in over 340 cities

And as expected the response from Ed Rensi, the former president and CEO of McDonald’s USA, was classic “economics 101.”

"As the labor union-backed Fight for $15 begins yet another nationwide strike on November 29, I have a simple message for the protest organizers and the reporters covering them: I told you so”.

It brings me no joy to write these words. The push for a $15 starter wage has negatively impacted the career prospects of employees who were just getting started in the workforce while extinguishing the businesses that employed them. I wish it were not so. But it’s important to document these consequences, lest policymakers elsewhere decide that the $15 movement is worth embracing."

Rensi continued; “Numerous restaurant chains (both quick service and full service) have looked to computer tablets as a solution for rising labor costs that won’t adversely impact the customer’s experience. Eatsa, a fully automated restaurant concept, now has five locations—all in cities or states that have embraced a $15 minimum wage. And in a scene stolen from The Jetsons, the Starship delivery robot is now navigating the streets of San Francisco with groceries and other consumer goods. The company’s founder pointed to a rising minimum wage as a key factor driving the growth of his automated delivery business.”


Do you think unrealistic demands for sky high minimum wage will backfire on he employees the increase is intended to help? Tell is in the comments below.

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