After the recent anti-civil rights 'sit in' by the Democrats on the floor of the House of Representatives because the Democrats were pouting after their unconstitutional gun control proposals were shot down, the Republicans made sure to stick it in their face with this incredible speech in favor of gun rights.

The one responsible for this epic speech is none other than Republican California Rep. Tom McClintock, who made sure to do the right thing and make a speech on the House floor the right way after terrorist attack in Orlando to make his case.

McClintock started out his speech by warning of the extremely real threat the United States faces right now, radical Islam. This ideology attempts to advance its religious agenda of converting the entire world to Islam by means of violent terrorism.

"That ideology now poses a direct threat to the liberty and safety of our people, and we have every right to defend ourselves against it," said McClintock.

He proceeded to bring to light how the shooter's father had been a known radical Islamist and that the government had been investigating the Orlando shooter for the same reason in addition to his known connections to various terrorist organizations.

He proceeded to call on Obama and demand that the vetting process be much more strict when allowing migrants into our country.

"The very same politicians who will not allow us even to confirm the intent of Islamists entering America are at the same time using the Orlando atrocity as an excuse to disarm loyal and law-abiding Americans."

Taking away guns in this country would have absolutely no effect on the people that really shouldn't have guns, the law-breaking terrorists.

"The first line of defense against an armed terrorist is an armed American," proclaimed McClintock.

In regards to making the purchase of firearms more difficult McClintock has this to say, "Is it possible they don’t understand that there is an international arms market and that terrorists can get their hands on any kinds of weapons they want as effortlessly as teenagers can buy pot?"

"The left’s vision for our country is one in which Americans are forbidden from fighting back and must helplessly wait to be rescued while they are terrorized by Islamic extremists who should never have been in this country in the first place," he continued.

"That is ultimately the choice before us: we can either suffer increasingly violent attacks on increasingly defenseless Americans or we can chose to finally take seriously the nature of the enemy we face and finally demand leaders who will secure our borders, empower Americans to defend themselves and act forthrightly to defend our country, McClintock finished.

As you can see in the video this speech is exactly what this country needs. The issue is not the American citizens it is the radicals that believe in the death of all Americans. What we need is not to take away our protection but rather to make it easier for us to defend ourselves against these religious zealots. We are the first line of defense and we must be prepared.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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