The carnage that took place in Paris has no doubt changed the hearts and minds, and attitudes of many Parisians, and much like the events of 9/11, the date 11/13 will live forever in infamy, an anniversary marked by tears, by sorrow and what might have been for the innocent.

And it’s within this backdrop of raw emotions that Mayor Robert Chandon has called for a ban on Islam staying; “It’s the only solution for most of France’s problems,” he argued. “We also need a Marshall Plan to send Muslims to countries where the religion is practiced.”

The mayor continued; “The Republic should promote the practice of the Christian faith.”

Chandon is the mayor of the French city of Venelles, a town with a population of more than 8,000 people.

However it worth noting that France has for decades looked the other way, as Islamic extremists infiltrated their country while the government and a large segment of the population simply ignored the growing crisis, providing safe enclaves known as “no go zones”, which harbor known radicals.

It’s also worth noting that since 9/11, New York City lives in a constant state of awareness and vigilance. For many this has become the “NEW NORMAL.”

The lessons learned on 9/11 must in fact become a part of France’s mindset, attempting to rid ourselves of Islam is simply unrealistic, however Parisians must adopt, they must be vigilant they must rid themselves of so-called “no go zones”, what took place on 11/13 was also a failure in security.

Source: American News


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