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What is worse than having an incompetent, arrogant, thin-skinned, hypocrite of a president dictating national policy? Having that same incompetent, arrogant, thin-skinned, hypocrite of a president attempting to dictate someone else’s national policy!

And although British Prime Minster David Cameron showed and incredible amount of self-control in not engaging Obama’s crude and thoughtless remarks into Britain’s internal affairs, London’s mayor Boris Johnson however took a more direct approach.

Leaving little doubt in how he feels about Obama’s meddling on those issues that directly affect the commonwealth stating; “Obama has made it apparent that he is in favor of keeping Britain a part of the European union, a part-Kenyan president that is incoherent, downright hypocritical and “inconsistent…that if the United States were in a similar situation as Britain, the United States would choose to stay out of a union so that the country’s sovereignty would not be limited.”

Moreover the mayor is not alone in his condemnation of Obama, many within Parliament are furious that Obama is trying to intervene in British affairs.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the British Independence Party wants Obama to “butt out.” Kate Hoey, a former British Labour Party politician finds Obama’s intervention to be “patronizing” and “insulting.”

Astoundingly this is a president that within 8-short years went from being perhaps one of the most admired world leaders within the “free world” to one of the most divisive, and perhaps the worst American President to ever occupy the Oval Office.

Do you think London's Mayor Boris Johnson is out of line by calling Obama this?

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