President Trump is making headlines in the UK in light of retweeting what many believed were anti-Muslim videos. There is now a lot of hoopla on social media, with many comments calling for Theresa May to rescind her invitation for a Trump state visit.

When questioned by journalists, May made the following statement:

"The fact that we work together does not mean we are afraid to say when we think the United States has got it wrong and to be very clear with them."

When pressed further, however, May did say that she will continue to maintain close ties with the POTUS, citing the relations as a "long-term special relationship."

Other UK leaders also spoke up. Lib Dem member Vince Cable called Trump an "evil racist." Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry said Trump is trying to "humiliate and belittle" the PM.

Trump, as you all know by now, isn't one to turn the other cheek, and he swiftly hit back, telling May to focus instead on radical Islam that is becoming more rampant in her country.

The POTUS is absolutely right. You can certainly make the argument that Trump's retweet of the videos was not the brightest idea. However, the very liberal UK is using the moment to show just how "tolerant" and "diverse" they are instead of taking real measures to combat the increasing violence committed by radical jihadis.

The three videos Trump retweeted were originally posted by Britain First, a right-leaning group that many claim to have ties to White supremacist organizations.

Is May Right to call out Trump, or is this another incident of an European country putting political correctness before reality?

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