Lately, there has been a lot of heated controversy over a group of roadsigns that was elected overnight along a stretch of highway in Colorado. Many Americans are praising the demonstration saying that it is the exact message we have been thinking all along. While many less level-headed onlookers are horrified by the display saying it's unpatriotic and demanding action against the man responsible.

The controversial display was erected seemingly overnight along a stretch of highway 94 in Colorado. Liberal onlookers have taken extreme offense to the man's display and are demanding it be taken down at once.

The man responsible for the signs is a local gun store owner known as Dragonman. He decided to use a patch of his land to erect a very unique display that lets everyone driving through El Paso county know exactly how he feels about our current president and the other presidential candidates.

In typical liberal fashion, the left is demanding that the message be taken down, not caring about this patriot's First Amendment rights nor the fact that the he made this compelling statement on his own private property.

Of course the moronic left seems to always forget that Republicans have the same rights as every American and have called his message un-American, because a vote for Hillary is truly the 'patriotic' thing to do.

Denver City Page reports that Dragonman erected 5 mannequins represent Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Melania Trump. He arranged them along with four signs standing between them to truly illustrate his point.

The site refers to the display as 'disturbing' but many Americans feel that this is exactly what a large portion of our nation has been thinking.

"Goodbye Obama you were the worst president we ever had," one sign reads placed right next to Barrack Obama.

"Goodbye Michelle you did nothing for our country but spend taxpayers money," reads the sign placed by Michelle.

Melania's sign had a bit of a different tune, "Melania Trump a first lady we can be proud of."

When it came to Hillary Clinton Dragonman held nothing back and called it just how it is. The sign next to Hillary, who is dressed in an orange jumpsuit and positioned behind a fence representing a jail cell said this: "We all know that Hillary belongs in jail. She is no good for our gun rights. She is no good for America."

Trump is positioned above the rest on a presidential pedestal demonstrating the respect and support that this patriot has for Donald Trump.

It didn't take long for picture of the message to be taken and posted to social media and as soon as it did it went viral. The heated comments quickly started flying with hypocritical liberals calling the man responsible "a**hole." They claimed that this was an 'unacceptable use of the man's freedom of speech because of the manner in which he displayed the message.

However, it wasn't just Hillary supporters that felt strongly about the display many conservatives and Trump supporters also made sure to make their voices heard and defended and applauded the man for what he did.

"He doesn’t like Obama or Hillary. Didn’t wish any harm on them. Apparently, he supports Trump. The display is about as disturbing as a Hillary 2016 sign," said one commenter. Other commenters defended the man saying that just because Hillary supporters disagree with the man's opinion it in no way makes him a criminal.

This man had the courage and initiative to say what so many Americans are thinking. It's no surprise that liberals are outraged. These hypocrites need to realize that everyone has a right to express their opinion and that's what makes America the great country that we live in. This is exactly why we need Donald Trump in office. He understands American values and knows exactly what to do to make America great again!

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Source: Mad World News


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