If there’s one thing the rabid left excels in, it's exploitation! Especially if you’re a progressive loon within the world of art, where you’ll almost certainly be hailed a hero among your colleagues for erecting a billboard of President Trump embellished within a Nazi theme.

The outrageous billboard adorned with both dollars and Nazi symbols notably “Swastikas” appeared in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

The controversial billboard as predicated is generating mixed revues, in that President Trump won Maricopa County with 49.69% of the votes while Hillary Clinton earned 45.22%.


Karen Fiorito, a graphic artist who designed the billboard depicting a photo of President Trump within a crimson red nuclear explosion, surrounded by both dollar and Nazi signs.

Karen Fiorito

On her Facebook page, Fiorito posted; “Still awaiting the backlash, death threats and the like. Wish I had time to drive to Phoenix to see the reactions of people on the street!”

Moreover from one artist to another, Fiorito at best is a marginal talent, however, a smart marketer, by exploiting whatever little talent as a graphic designer and of course using President Trump to get national recognition, a brilliant move, perhaps watching “B-List celebrity Rosie O’Donnell, cashing in.

And the scam is indeed working; simply listen to an outraged person responding to her Facebook post: 'You are a sick, disgusting person to compare President Trump to anything like this. What is wrong with you?? You need some SERIOUS mental health help!'

Source: Fox 29

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