Most of us have seen the famous picture of a group of refugees struggling to stay a float. The picture paints a very sad scene of tons of refugees seemingly on the verge of drowning in a vast expanse of water. Well some information about this iconic picture has recently come to light exposing the truth behind the liberal media's favorite picture.

At the start of the Muslim migration outbreak the left peddled the lie that all of these 'helpless' refugees were really peace seeking people just looking to escaped and start a new life. As the migration has continued we have seen the very different and dark truth behind this epidemic.

These people continue to come into any country that the liberals force to let them in and create chaos, murder, rape, and refuse to assimilate by trying to force Sharia law down the throats of everyone around them.

The leftist media has been able to sway some of the public support by showing pictures like this infamous picture and pretending that these people are just helpless refugees who need our aid and wish us no harm.


Well just as the media's message about their 'peaceful' intentions has been proven to be a lie, so has the picture that they use as their rally flag to evoke empathy from the general public.

The picture of the refugees floating after their boat sank wasn't quite what it seemed. If you look off to the right you can see a few of these 'helpless' refugees standing in waist deep water proving that the picture is in fact just a big sham propagated by the left in order to get countries to open their doors to the countless 'women and children.'


In fact, we have seen very few women and children in general. Mostly it has been young to middle-aged men coming in living off of taxpayers' money and then there are the countless stories of the numerous vile crimes that they continue to commit.

It's time to blow the roof on one of the biggest scams this world has seen in a long time. We need to protect ourself from these Muslim migrant thugs that want to come in and ruin our way of life.

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Source: Mad World News


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