Back in April of 2015, a nut-job went on a shooting spree at Chicago’ Logan Square. The news about this nightmare event went largely un-reported.

That is because not enough people died, and it was a concealed-carry permit holder who saved the day.

Mainstream left-wing media simply cannot bring themselves to report the fact that it is sane citizens who carry a sidearm that are the most reliable means of defense in a bad situation.

Life is not guaranteed by law enforcement. They can and will do what they can, but they need to be on-scene to do that.

In this case, the concealed-carry permit holder was an Uber driver. He had just dropped a passenger at the Square and was waiting for foot traffic to make its way past the front of his vehicle.

This was when he noticed wack-job 22-year old Eduardo Custodio randomly taking shots at the crowd. The driver drew his weapon and fired six shots. Custodio was dropped to the ground, wounded.

This hero was not charged and was recognized by the Illinois Assistant State Attorney Barry Quinn for doing his voluntary job of defending life. According to Quinn, the Uber driver “had a concealed carry permit and acted in the defense of himself and others.”

Uber, for their part, pretty much says as long as their drivers abide by the law, they can carry a weapon in their vehicles.

Judging by the media coverage, clearly the libtards would rather cower waiting for the cops than appreciate the actions of a hero like the Uber driver.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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