It is no surprise that Christians are being targeted in this evil battle with ISIS. We know all too well what they are doing with the Christians when they get them. If you are a Christian over there and ISIS gets their hands on you, you are far better off if they put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, whether you are a man, woman, or even a child. If they don’t kill you instantly, you may find yourself being brutally beaten, raped, sodomized, stoned to death, crucified, stuck in a cage and burned alive, caged and drowned, slowly decapitated, have any number of these things done to your children before you are killed, and God knows what other horrors these demonic spawns of Satan can come up with.

Well, they have. Now, Christians are a form of currency. They are worth money to the Jihadis in the form of a means to finance their onslaught upon the world. One Christian priest was kidnapped for two months, and held for a ransom of $120,000.00, which the family paid. Even tales of black market organ harvesting, sick!

Did they receive their loved one back in return? Yes, they did. In pieces. The evil Jihadis dismembered him. Before or after he died is uncertain, as we can surely imagine and accept that they don’t do things to be painless. After carving him up, they boxed him up and shipped him to his family.

Although this situation sounds like ISIS has stepped up their behavior, they have not. This has been ongoing and the Syriac and Greek Orthodox, the Catholics, and other Christians say this is nothing new. If you click the link above you will learn about incidents nearly a decade old, and those more recent.

Lobbing some bombs at targets, returning their high valued leaders in exchange for traitors, arming our enemies who support ISIS’s efforts is not going to solve this problem. A full on worldwide military campaign that leaves none of those Hell-Cretans alive is what is going to solve this problem. They need to be sent straight back to hell and it going to take the world to do it.

May God rest the souls of all of these Christians.


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