You certainly don’t need to be a "fortune-teller" to have predicated the soaring crime rate immediately following the Baltimore riots, and by almost every measure those elected officials from the mayor on down who are charged in maintaining order and to keep the peace have failed miserably. In part because they abdicated their responsibilities  and allowed politics rather than common sense and sound leadership to prevail and in so doing these officials have also failed those brave men and woman on the front lines, those police officers who are tasked with keeping law and order.

And the proof of that failure are in the numbers with a staggering 38.5% increase in homicides so far this year, which when translated into actual numbers comes to 90-homicide this year alone, compared to 65 homicides at this time in 2014.

However the carnage doesn’t stop there, in just over a few days there have been 11 homicides since last Thursday and 17 homicides so far in May, and in April, there were another 22 homicides.

And to further illustrate the soaring up-tick in violence since the riots, these numbers are staggering, in that there have been 23 homicides compared to 12 within that same time frame in 2014, almost doubling the rate of homicides.

And while those on the left would like to ignore and or blame some systemic cause for the continued violence in Baltimore, the fact remains that the city has been generously funded by a bucket-full of tax payer dollars through the years which has been controlled for almost 4-decades my those same liberal Democrats, who demand more and more federal funds.

Moreover the reluctance of the mayor to take full control at the outset of the disturbance, and allowing that disturbance to turn into a riot and then saying “gave those who wished to destroy space to do that,” thus allowing her city to be overrun by looters, arsonists and thugs, is perhaps the most egregious act and a dereliction of duty that a public official could possibly do, and in actually a “criminal act.”

h/h BaltimoreBrew

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