Terrorism is once again rearing its ugly head and it seems that no country in the world is immune. Especially troubling is the rapid rise of home-grown terrorism and the terrible effects of such terrorism as seen in the recent San Bernardino, California shootings.

But recent revelations in Maryland prove that there may be more radicalized Muslims supporting ISIS within the United States than previously thought.

That comes on the heels of a Maryland Muslim man who was charged early this week with supporting ISIS and lying to the FBI. The man, Mohamed Yousef ElShinawy, lived in Edgewood, Maryland, and was arrested by the FBI.

ElShinawy was charged with accepting money from terrorists living outside of the United States and reports state that he was seeking ways to use that money to inflict acts of terrorism on the United States. ElShinawy also may have been seeking travel accommodations to Syria, a well-documented trip for those Muslims who are in the process of becoming radicalized.

As far as ElShinawy's crime of lying to the FBI, it's unclear exactly what transpired for him to be charged with that crime.

ElShinawy's arrest comes in conjunction with recent reports detailing the number of home-grown terrorists within the United States and the spread of terrorist plots. According to reports by the Washington Post, over 60 people were arrested in 2015 on charges of terrorism. Of those charged, the majority lived either in New York or in California.

However, it's unclear whether or not Muslim immigrants are to blame for most of the terrorist threats. A majority of threats reported to the FBI--4 out of 5--were actually being perpetrated by American citizens with over 60% of those reported being born in America.

We need to do our part to stop the spread of radical Islamism. Threats will only keep growing as long as we ignore the problem or engage in futile religious squabbles. America needs to work with the Muslim community to solve this terrible, terrorist disease.

h/t: International Business Times

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