Chuck Norris has recently taken to lambasting President Obama's policy decisions in a series of well-written op-eds. His most recent piece excoriates the President for passing off a terrible Iran nuclear deal that is full of exaggerations.

The first lie that Norris exposes is that the Obama Iran deal is far and away the best deal for America and that it is not even "close" to being a "close call." As Norris points out, 200 retired military leaders of the United States sent a joint letter to Congress petitioning lawmakers not to sign the deal because it would "threaten the national security and vital interests of the United States.”

That's not a unanimous feeling that the decision is a good deal, Mr. President.

Second, Norris explains that, while Obama is quick to tout the international backing of his Iran treaty by saying that "every nation in the world" has expressed support, there are several countries in the Middle East, besides Israel, that want to shut down the deal.

Third, Norris takes Obama to task for not allowing nuclear inspectors instant access into the country. As he points out, Iran can delay the supposed "24 hours notice" inspection up to 24 days and then potentially even longer up to three months.

The fourth lie pointed out by Norris is that trimming down Iran's centrifuges will put a dent in their nuclear capabilities. As he points out, that clause is only valid for 10 years, a short time span in which Iran can use its vast wealth to further the cause of militant Islam.

Fifth, Norris points to a secret agreement between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which would allow Iran to inspect its own nuclear sites for breaks in the treaty. Seriously?!

And the sixth terrible thing about Obama's nuclear deal is that the American taxpayers have to pay upwards of $10 million just to police the country, something that would make sense if the policing were solid, but which is ridiculous given the insane time frames and loopholes provided by the agreement.

Clearly, Chuck Norris is no dummy.

Obama's deal is a bad one, that's for sure. We can only hope Congress has the gumption to put a stop to it.

h/t: WND

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