“I’m telling you ladies and gentlemen, I know of what I speak. These are self-hating Americans. These are self-hating Christians. These are Jew-hating leftist Marxists. I’m sorry. I’m not going to do the fan dance. It doesn’t matter, the evidence is right in front of us. And ‘Media Matters’ and ‘Not for America,’ you make sure you write this down. Spread it to all your liberal media friends. And I will debate each and every one of them on this subject.”

That was Mark Levin, this past Tuesday, the 13th, while speaking to the recent condoning of Palestinian violence against Israelis by our very own President Obama, his Secretary of State John Kerry, and the rest of the puppet administration.

In the news of late, Palestine has been on their murderous war path against Israel, again. One of the latest terror attacks resulted in the deaths of three Israelis and others wounded. Rather than outright condemn Palestinians, Obama’s crew went out and did their blab-festival about how both sides needing to tone it down and condemn violence. Meanwhile, Israel has done NOTHING other than exist and react in defense of themselves. They have done nothing that needs to be “toned-down.”

Levin gives accolades to one Associate Press Reporter, Matt Lee, who refused to don the cloak of complicit-ness, the uniform of the liberal media, and went after the State Department regarding obvious insinuation as to Israel’s “fault” in the attack.

Lee posed a question asking if the Obama Administration really believes that Israel is inciting violence and not condemning it. To which the State Department responded that both sides need to take action, and that Palestinians have been attacked. When has that ever been an offensive move by Israel? Can’t think of any.

Lee pushed further and further and asked what is it the Administration is not happy with when it comes to Israel and their supposed lack of condemnation of violence. If it weren’t so deadly serious it would be half-assed entertaining to watch the State Department’s tap-dance around their racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic selves.

Lee did a fantastic job exposing the truth of the administration and that is this, they are exactly as only Mark Levin can frame them to be;

“This entire administration is filled with them [haters!] Left-wing Marxist Jew haters. That’s right, I said it! American haters! Jew Haters! Christian haters! And it’s true.”

Watch the video below:

Source: CNS

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