This video is 11 minutes of pure American eloquence. This young retired US Marine takes our President to the wood shed over his recent behavior and failure of leadership regarding the Chattanooga, Tennessee terrorist attack.  His take on Obama's inability or lack of desire to stand-up for the fallen so unjustly gunned down on a gun-free military zone by a Islamic zealot terrorist is spot on. 

You can not offer a much better example that points out Obama's disdain for our military and his unwillingness to call terrorism what it is, than that which this Marine did. He points this out by reminding Obama, and us, about how the president stood-up to address the death of Whitney Houston, and he "slumped" on his ass in a chair when it came to addressing the murders of the 4 Marines and 1 Navy Sailor.

In the video, the Marine also takes time to personally address and send his prayers to the families of the fallen and open his home to them.  He schools the president on what it was the Founding Fathers had in mind and how they went about ensuring the American people's freedoms from tyrants, such as Mr. Obama, and informs him in more ways than one that a clarion call is ringing throughout the land and it will be answered.

God bless this Marine and his family for the willingness to speak out.

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