One would imagine the constant stress of being in a combat situation day in and day out, would surely wear you down, both mentally and physically. And it’s perhaps within that overall context that this disrespectful behavior should be viewed, however not excused, and certainly not in keeping with the spirit of the Marine Corps.

That being said, however, neither should a vindictive high-ranking senior officer attempting to use his position of authority to influence the legal process.

The issue stems from an incident involving then Staff Sgt. Joseph Chamblin and three fellow Marine snipers in Afghanistan's Hemland province in July 2011, engaged in a furious firefight, in which a dozen of the enemy Taliban insurgents were killed, and perhaps because they were terribly outnumbered and obviously within that emotional roller-coaster ride of surviving the pitched battle all four Marines spontaneously urinated on the dead bodies.

Chamblin recalled; “It's not like it was a conscious thought or decision but someone was like, “you know what, p*** on these guys.' And someone said, 'Yeah, p*** on them.''

Moreover to compound the mindless mistake Chamblin and his buddies filmed the incident, which eventually made its way to social media in 2012, then going viral on YouTube, which instantly sent shock-waves across the military, and in particular among those politically correct 4-star generals who court-martialed Chamblin along with the others.

Chamblin pleaded guilty to several of charges and was demoted a rank and fined $500. However, based on new evidence of improper meddling, the appeals court overturned Chamblin’s conviction on Wednesday.

The ruling cited now-retired Gen James F Amos and his senior staff members, saying they used their position of authority to influence legal proceedings.

Moreover Navy Cmdr. Marcus N. Fulton, who filed the ruling, said the court found Amos and Marine Corps lawyers working for him 'severely and systematically interfered' with the case, according to the Washington Post.

Fulton cited as an example of Amos overstepping his authority his continued use of the word “crushed' was an 'unusually flagrant example of unlawful command influence.”

Do you believe that overturning the court-martial was the proper thing to do, or not?

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