“THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MARINES”…isn’t simply a slogan, or a sales pitch used by recruiters. Those words are symbolic of an elite fighting force, with a historic and proud history, and with a tradition that dates back to America’s founding.

And to become “a Marine” is a unique and humbling experience, and within that uniqueness lays the spirit of the Corps, and its sole purpose for its existence is because of its exclusivity.

And so when the Obama Administration spends over $36-million dollars on a study to integrate woman into combat roles within the Marine Corps, and doesn’t get the desired results, can lowering those standards of this elite fighting force, be far behind?

The months-long experiment on gender integration produced data showing that traditional all-male units complete tasks faster, fire more accurately, and are able to evacuate casualties in a shorter period of time than units that include women.

Additionally, female marines suffered injuries at higher rates during physically demanding training, officials said.

While 71% of men successfully graduated from the Infantry Officer Course, not one woman managed to pass in 29 attempts.

Obviously if passed deeds are any indication this administration isn’t interested in preserving an elite fighting force, in fact just the opposite seems to be true, in that this administration views America’s uniqueness with disdain, and one would imagine because of its proud heritage, and perhaps because of it, this administration may hold a particular disdain especially for Marines, who were the first fighting force sent abroad in the 1800’s to defeat Muslim terrorists on the high seas.

The report also showed that women suffered from musculoskeletal injury at more than double the rate of men, coming in at 40.5% for woman and 18.8% for men.

Colonel Anne Weinberg, deputy director of the Marines’ Force Innovation Office, noted. “I would characterize this as: There’s more to be learned, there’s an opportunity to train and become stronger and to execute these tasks in a more lethal manner.”

 The Marine Corps and other branches of the US military are facing a Pentagon-imposed deadline (Obama’s imposition), to allow women in all roles by January 1 of next year.

Sources: RT, Washington Post


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