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Thanks in part to the miracle of science and the desire to live that exists within the human spirit, a hero is slowly getting his life back!

Here’s the incredible true story of Medal of Honor recipient Lance Cpl. William “Kyle” Carpenter, who threw himself onto a grenade to shield a fellow Marine from the blast.


Lance Cpl. William “Kyle” Carpenter and Lance Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio were on a rooftop in Helmand Province in Afghanistan in November 2010 when they were attacked by enemy fighters.

A live grenade landed on the roof next to both men, and Carpenter threw himself between the grenade and his fellow Marine.

Eufrazio “received a shrapnel injury to the head from the grenade,” while Carpenter’s body “absorbed a majority of the resulting explosion,” according to the official Marine Corps’ account of the incident.


Carpenter sustained an almost unbelievable array of injuries, including a skull fracture and a punctured lung.

Doctors at a nearby military hospital pronounced him dead on arrival, sure he wouldn’t survive.


However the human spirit and his tenacity to survive is something that cannot be measured and after two years in the hospital, and undergoing over 40 surgeries this brave Marine is coming back and this is how he looks today… “Semper Fi!”

h/t: Young Cons

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