Regardless of what the progressive pop culture of the day wishes to reference Jenner as,  those chromosomes, those tiny strands of DNA encoded with those unique individual genes, those 22-pairs within humans plus those two that separates a man from a woman, those  XX in females and XY in males, cannot be altered, and their lies the rub.

Not in the fact that Caitlyn Jenner has had some serious emotional issues in his/her 66-plus years, but rather in a society that attempts to “play God” and in doing so fabricate what so far cannot be altered, except of course in the minds of progressives and social advocates and within tabloids like Glamour Magazine who proclaimed Jenner as “Women of the Year.

Which obviously doesn’t sit to well for many woman and in particular with one Marine, who referenced another U.S. Marine, 1st Lt. Rebecca Turpin, and told her story with a little added humor, read on;

“Lt Turpin probably doesn’t deserve woman of the year as much as Bruce Jenner. Not as brave, either. One particular mission earned her the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a valor device, one of the few women to ever receive it”.

She continued;

“The convoy of 18 vehicles departed around 4 a.m. for a mission expected to take only a day. They wouldn’t finish until more than two days later. After hitting multiple improvised explosive devices, Turpin would keep the mission going by managing the vehicle losses and keeping her men alive.

When Turpin’s convoy came under heavy fire in a small village as they proceeded with the objective, she called in a pair of Cobra helicopters and directed the air support to protect the convoy, eliminating or dispersing the threats.

As things quieted down, the convoy began to leave the village, but the insurgents reappeared, beginning to fire again. Turpin, directing the machine gunners and Cobras, skillfully escaped with her convoy and completed the mission.”

h/t: Conservative Post



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