The United States Marine hero who fought the scourge of humanity, militant Islam, has been smacked down by our education system. John Wood took issue with the Islamic brainwashing going on at his daughter’s La Plata High School (Maryland).

Students were being forced to recite the Shahada. Whether you like it or not, if you utter the words, “There is No God But A****,” you ARE an Islamic convert.

Needless to say the warfront of the Caliphate came to his doorstep. He took action, as any good red-blooded First Amendment loving American would do, and communicated his displeasure with the school. That evolved into a lawsuit levied against the school.

The response by the school should make your stomach turn. Our children and the whole purpose of the Great American Experiment that men like Mr. Woods fought for is going the way of the Do-Do bird.

La Plata High School retaliated by denying Wood’s attendance at his daughter’s high school graduation.  This is further proof that our education system is not interested in our children.

They are interested in catering to the powers that be. Whether it is ice-age drills, lessons in global warming, how to play dead with a terrorist shooter on campus, or catering to the Caliphate.

As such, all of Wood’s classmates and their families should not attend. Their diplomas are not worth the paper they are printed on.

The only thing worth anything, is the blood our military has had to spill in keeping a penal colony like La Plata High School Madrasa open for business.


Source: Mad World News


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