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Imagine for a moment you are a U.S. Marine stationed in Afghanistan, aware that a local Afghan police chief – a known child predator with ties to the Taliban – is being routinely granted entry to U.S. military bases.

You know this presents not only a major security issue, but also a life or death danger to your fellow Marines, so you email a warning to them.

It turns out you were right – just weeks later, one of the chief’s servants attacks and kills three Marines.

You tried to do the right thing and, in fact, you might well have prevented an even worse massacre, but instead of receiving a commendation, you are drummed out of the Corps, prosecuted by President Obama’s Secretary of the Navy.

Your crime? Because the Corps does not issue personal computers to service members, you sent the one, single email on your own, personal email account, contrary to the rules.

How was the error discovered? You self-reported it to your commanding officer.

The fact pattern is not a law school hypothetical – it is the only too-true reality for Maj. Jason Brezler who warned his comrades about Afghan Police Chief Sarwar Jan.

Maj. Brezler’s real crime, however, was not his fault – he simply does not bear the last name “Clinton,” so the full weight and power of the law was brought down on him stripping him of his position, his rank, his livelihood, and his reputation.

His spouse didn’t have the wherewithal to have a 30-minute “impromptu chat” with the person who would determine Brezler's fate while their private jets lingered on a tarmac.

Not one senator or representative appeared on television accusing the Secretary of the Navy of conducting a “witch hunt” against him.

Perhaps if Maj. Brezler had only thought to set-up a secret, private email server to handle thousands of emails containing classified information for four years, often with individuals he  knew did not have the appropriate clearance to see those materials, then scrubbed the server and lied under oath about it… and if his last name was “Clinton,” of course, maybe then his former Commander-in-Chief would be proclaiming him the most qualified person in history to server as president of the United States.

See the difference?

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