We send our children to school to learn their reading, writing, and arithmetic. Yet, the very people who are “teaching” our children appear to have a learning disability.

That disability is in the form of obsessive indoctrination into the Islamic faith. Having a child learn the Five Pillars of Islam, recite the Shahada and dress-up like some sort of Islamic-bronie party is not teaching history or social studies.

History classes are lessons in events in time. Social studies are lessons in observation of other cultures.

Guaranteed none of our children are taking part in Native American Ghost Dance rituals or worshiping Odin.

Yet, when it comes to Islam, all bets are off. Your children are being converted. When they recite the Shahada; “There is no god by Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” As far as Muslims are concerned they have turned another infidel.

The La Plata High School spent two weeks converting their students into the Islamic faith. They spent two days on Christianity.

Again, neither should be teaching religion and it is a pretty sure bet none of the kids in school were reciting the Lord's Prayer, but they are being taught the narrative that, “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.” Seriously, that is a lesson worksheet.

So, parent John K. and Melissa Wood have filed a lawsuit against their daughter’s school for violating her Constitutional rights. They requested an opt-out and alternative. Their daughter was threatened with an “F” if she did not participate in the conversion. There Islam goes again—conversion via the fear factor.

A proverbial dull knife against their throats. The school banned her dad from their campus. Funny that—they put her in a cage, just like Islam does with non-believers.

The Thomas More Law Center has taken up the case and they urge more like it. This is “Islamic indoctrination,” it is not “history and multiculturalism.” The TMLC president, Richard Thompson warns that parents should, “take action against it.”

Parents, you and you alone dictate your children’s’ education. Schools are paid, via your tax-payer money for the head count. The schools work for you. Your children are not their slaves and you are not their indentured servant.

They are indentured to the rest of us. Hopefully the Woods case set the tone and more parents follow in their steps.

Source: Mad World News

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