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“I won’t show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” That ridicules comment was uttered by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, whose net worth currently stands at $16-million dollars.

There’s no doubt that Kaepernick has a right to say anything he likes that’s his “Constitutional Right” in a country that he claims “oppresses black people” moreover if there was ever a poster child that exhibited America at its finest, it would be Colin Kaepernick himself.

A black kid born to a white 19-year old single and destitute teenager, and an African-American male who abandoned both of them before Colin was born, and raised by a white couple who raised him as their own birth son…not to shabby for a country that “oppresses black people.”

Colin’s choice to either stand or not was his choice, and his choice alone, however imagine for a moment that he didn't have that choice, a simple task that we all take for granted, unless you're Marine Sergeant Zachary Stinson of Pennsylvania, who lost both legs above the knee in Afghanistan.

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However Sergeant Zachary Stinson is a patriot, and more importantly a U.S. MARINE, with a deep seeded love of country and found a way to “stand” despite his disability when his National Anthem was being played.

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Many took notice that this Marine found a way to stand up for the anthem.

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The irony of course is that over rated millionaire athletes like Kaepernick will no doubt be hailed as “brave” by the mainstream press, while a true hero, who sacrifice everything goes virtually unnoticed.


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