At a Lowe's hardware store in North Regina, Canada an interesting man walked inside and began to speak with one of the sales associates with one goal in mind. Once the manager overheard the man and then saw what was right at his feet he sprung into action fast!

Owen Lima had been searching for a long time. After going to countless stores similar to Lowe's Lima began to feel that he was never going to find what he was looking for. This last store was different however. It only took the manager a few seconds to eye up the situation and take action that would leave Lima in tears.

Lima had been involved in an accident that ended up giving Lima a permanent brain injury. As a result of this it made finding work incredibly difficult for Lima.

Lima was not quick to give up. He was determined and hard working on his job hunt so that he would not have to live off of the government.


Most stores that Lima had gone into and tried to find work had told him that he couldn't work there because of his injury and the fact that he relied on his service dog, Blue.

The Lowe's manager saw this situation completely different. After hearing the man's story of his search and struggle to find work and seeing his determination he decided to do something that none of the other stores would do.

He gave Lima a job as a customer service associate/greeter. He could tell that Lima was someone who worked hard and wanted to work for his money and he respected that.

CBS News reports that the manager told Lima “We don’t care about your past, what you are — we care about what you can do,” when offering him the job.

The manager, Paul Gallo did give one condition. If Lima was to take Blue with him to work every day then Blue would have to have his own uniform as well.


Now the two of them can be seen working hard as you enter this particular Lowe's, with Blue's very own bright orange customer service vest.

It's good to see good people are still out there helping and rewarding the hardworking people in the world. No matter what type of barriers you may have if you work hard and show determination you will be able to earn a living. Maybe some of those welfare leeches could learn a thing from Lima and Blue.

Source: Mad World News

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