A trial date has not been set in connection with an armed burglary and vandalism case, but the suspect held without bond in the Brevard County Florida jail has already been informed he faces life in prison as a result of his New Year’s Eve actions committed on and in an empty building.

Michael Wolfe was identified by police using surveillance video showing him dressed in camouflage and carrying a machete as he broke into the empty Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosque in Titusville, Florida.

Once inside, Wolfe used the machete to slash at windows and other property in what authorities are terming criminal mischief, which is usually considered a misdemeanor or lower class of felony depending on the dollar amount of damage done to the property.

However, Wolfe’s decision to place a slab of raw bacon at the front door of the mosque may elevate the act to a hate crime, that of desecrating a house of worship, which carries the potential of enhanced sentencing.

It is well-known that Muslims are forbidden to eat or have contact with pork.

“Our charging decisions confirm how seriously we take crimes of this nature. When further investigation shows a crime is clearly hate motivated, it will not be tolerated,” said State Attorney Phil Archer, although he was unable to comment directly on Wolfe’s case.

Imam Muhammad Mursi praised the decision to charge Wolfe with a hate crime saying the congregation had been “hoping for that to happen. It was clearly a hate crime.”

Mursi, who is in charge of many mosques in Central Florida, chose to disregard the evidence that the vandalism occurred in the middle of the night when the mosque was obviously unoccupied and no one was at risk.

“Obviously, we were lucky that no one was there that night. He had a machete, someone could have been killed.”




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