Over the weekend, as a gesture of respect, lights shines high up above the World Trade Center site to remember those lost in the 9/11 attacks. Rich McCormack, like many others in New York City at the time decided to take a pic of the "Tribute in Light." However, his picture captured something else that he didn't expect thousands of feet above the city.

Without meaning to the freelance photographer from Jersey City, New Jersey captured something that he never expected to see in his photograph. McCormack posted the picture to his Facebook without realizing the significance of his find. A few days later McCormack came back to his Facebook and noticed the incredible thing that was also in the picture high above the lights themselves.


The lights illuminated the clouds in such a way that can only be described as a sign from God. The lights illuminated the silhouette of an angel hovering just above the World Trade Center site. McCormack thinks otherwise. He says that it more resembles Jesus.

Not long after the image was posted to Facebook did it go completely viral, and for good reason. Many have taken the sign as a symbol of hope after such a terrible tragedy.

Many on Facebook are saying that this sign symbolizes God still looking down upon us even after loosing nearly 3,000 American lives in such a terrible time 15 years ago.

One Facebook user wrote, "Oh my God. God is great. God is good. This has left me with so much faith. God is watching over us always."


Yvette Cid, someone who lost their children in the 9/11 attacks wrote, "This [is] an awesome pic wow I lost my two boys and I believe this is a sign to all that have lost a love(d) one."

As expected many doubt it'd significance. Ronald Zeitlinger jokingly wrote, "It’s Jesus playing the guitar. A Les Paul model, I believe. Rich told me he heard the faint strumming of Stairway to Heaven."

Rich stands true to his word that the photo is an original and hasn't been altered in any way. Many of his friends and acquaintances vouch for Rich's integrity and believe him full heartedly.

No matter what you believe to be the truth behind this it's hard to deny how powerful the imagery is. Our nation was founded on Christianity and you can best believe that God is looking over us even in our darkest times.

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Source: Mad World News

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