Do you like slimy, watery, limp bacon on your food? If not, and you happen to be an Aussie living in Auburn, you probably should not order a BLT at the local McDonald’s.

They microwave your bacon. Fine, some folks do, but guaranteed their bacon is crispy and not slimy or watery. It is sizzling hot because that is how bacon is supposed to be. Bacon makes everything better!

Well not so at that particular McDonalds. It is microwaved (apparently just enough to warm it up), because they are Halal compliant and they can’t have bacon contaminating the other food.

Muslims make up 5% of the Australian populace, but the other 95% of the citizenry is being forced to assimilate to the ways and means of Sharia. Really?

Threats of the Caliphate coming are long over. The Caliphate is here, and we are being walked into its snare slowly. The idiots among us plod on while the rest of us are screaming for them to stop.

Don’t think for a minute Halal places aren’t alive and well in America. Go to any major city with a Muslim population and you will find such places.  

Since most Muslims in America are not Jihadists, that is fine by me. Just keep it to yourselves and don’t infect my Quarter Pounder (with bacon)!

Source: Mad World News



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