Everyone must watch the videos available via the links herein.  It is entertaining to see what appears to be a lie, or an exaggeration of the truth, on the part of law enforcement and the fire Marshall.

Mr. Cooley, well within his rights, to carry his AR-15 into an airport terminal in Atlanta, Georgia, was approached by law enforcement and again by a fire Marshall, who questioned his presence and pretense. What is really interesting is the approach the officer used by accusing Mr. Cooley and his rifle of scaring people. To which Cooley replies that other people's fears are not his problem.  That is correct, they are not his problem. He was not carrying his gun in threatening manner and was there to drop off and/or pick-up his daughter. She, in one clip, looks pretty bored with the whole encounter and pretty at ease, so a logical guess might be that this is not the first time her dad has raised the ire of law enforcement officials.

Nevertheless, despite the officer's claims regarding the fear of airport patrons, you can watch dozens of them walk by, none of whom appear to give Cooley, or his rifle, a second glance.  At best, they appear to be somewhat confused, but certainly not alarmed. In fact, in one of the clips a young man walks up, interrupts the encounter, to ask the officer for what appears to be directions regarding a person or place.  If he was really "afraid" do you think he would stop to ask where something or someone was? Clearly, the officer appeared overwhelmed by the situation.

With the fire Marshall, there was just a complete lack of understanding law and airport policies.  That was an exercise in ignorance all the way round and unfortunately, the Marshall was schooled a bit by Cooley in regard to guns in an airport.

You see, there is difference between carrying your weapon and brandishing it.  The former is just someone exercising their 2nd Amendment right.  The second, well, circumstances will dictate whether or not you should be afraid. In which case, hopefully you are exercising your 2nd Amendment right as well.


Source WSBtv



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