Authories say the main suicide bomber behind the deadly attack against a Christian church in Egypt has been linked to ISIS.

Abu Ishaq Al Masry was arrested after the Apri 9 bombing of St. Mark Coptic Cathedral in Alexandria that left 16 dead and injured 41. The attack came just hours after another bombing at St. George's in Tanta.

According to Kuwait's Al-Qabas newspaper, Al Masry came to Kuwait in October 2016 with a work permit as an accountant.

"He summoned to the Kuwaiti security apparatus based on information he has received from his Egyptian counterpart," the newspaper said. “He went through intensive investigations for his links to ISIS. After the verification of his involvement, he was deported from the country and handed over to the Egyptian authorities. Some of his family members have been deported from Kuwait as well.

"He was held in Egypt’s custody for investigation over his links with ISIS, but then he was released,” the paper added.

Islamic State, or ISIS, is comprised of radicalized Muslims from across the middle east, including the EU. The group is responsible for killing thousands of Christians since the invasion of Iraq and Syria. The group is known for its extreme barbarity toward Christians and moderate Muslims, as well as for its desire to build a theological empire throughout the region.

As late as July of 2014 there were an estimated 12 millions Christians living in the middle east. That number has dropped considerably in light of the ongoing existential threat from ISIS, according to the London Guardian.

In many areas of the middle east Christians and Muslims have lived peacefully for centuries.

Since the 2003 invasian of Iraq the U.S. has spent an estimated $2 trillion and suffered thousands of military casualties in the Global War on Terror.

"A sweeping new study designed to measure American war expenses in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, estimates the country has spent a whopping $4.79 trillion in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and beyond," according to USAToday. "By 2053, that number could climb as high as $7.9 trillion."

Thousands of refugees have fled the middle east region as a result of the 14-year-old conflict.

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