We've all heard stories of how intense Israelis can be. These are a people, after all, who are surrounded by their enemies and undergo mandatory military service in their early years. So when a report comes out about something absolutely intense, we're inclined to believe it.

The most recent story to emerge is that a 40-year-old Israeli man who was attacked by a Palestinian terrorist pulled the terrorist's knife from his own neck and used it to kill his attacker.

Reports describe the Israeli as a man who was simply making rounds collecting money for a local charity in an Israeli suburb called Petah Tikva. His simple act of service was interrupted when a Palestinian terrorist attacked him with "frenzied stabbing" to the head and neck.

Obviously this Israeli man was tougher than he appeared, however.

The Israeli simply removed the knife from his body and, with the help of a nearby store owner, took out the Palestinian with his own weapon.

Despite receiving multiple head and neck wounds, the Israeli man who killed the terrorist is reported as being in moderate condition in a nearby hospital.

This is amazing on so many levels, the most obvious being that this man was cognizant and well-trained enough to defeat his attacker, even after being subjected to terrible wounds.

It's also impressive that the local shopkeeper was so willing to jump into the fray and beat down the Palestinian terrorist. America, we need to take lessons from these men when gang and thug beatings happen right in front of our eyes.

Hopefully this story will serve as a deterrent to other Palestinians or other Middle Eastern Muslims who want to kill Israelis. Before they attack, they will now likely think about this situation and not bring a knife to kill someone from a country that is so well trained and prepared.

h/t: Daily Caller

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