A Knoxville, Tenn., man has copped to charges that he sent threatening racist notes to the daughter of a prominent local black pastor while pretending to be a KKK member and Trump supporter.

Reports show that Justin Lamar Coleman, who is black, was still angry over a run-in at a West Knox County body shop in October 2010, and so he penned the bigoted letters to frame the owner.

“I am a very racist white man and with Mr. Trump in the White House being the Prisdent (sic) white people going to take over the world,” the letter stated.

Spoiler alert. You don't say you're a white man in a bogus racist letter unless you're not one.

But wait, it gets worse.

Coleman sent another letter that threatened to rape the pastor's daughter.

“Tell your daddy ... to come to my paint and body shop call (sic) Jeff McCown. I wrote this letter (racial slur) … I hate (expletive, racial slur). I’m coming to your house to rape you. I’m going to get a chainsaw and cut your legs off and then cut your head off, black nasty (slur),” the letter stated.

The letter also threatened to castrate the pastor.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Coleman has struck a deal with Assistant Federal Defender Paula Voss to plead guilty to a federal charge of mailing "threatening communications" for six letters he sent last year between July and December, "including to the daughter of the pastor of Overcoming Believers Church in East Knoxville."

Authorities say the six-year feud started when Coleman's vehicle got stuck in the grass on the body shop property and Coleman was hollered at by the owner, Jeff McCown.

Coleman, who reportedly has a "psychological disorder," obsessed over the encounter for six years before he started sending the letters.

Now that's just sick. But it's not the first time a non-white person has staged a racist incident in order to smear the presidency of Donald Trump.

Since the election of Trump there have been numerous reports of Nazi graffiti and physical attacks against blacks, Mexicans and Asians -- all phony, of course, and all blown out of proportion in the media.

Liberals clearly want to stir the simmering cauldron of racial hatred in hopes of starting a revolution of color.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Source: Daily Wire


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