The attack on Christmas earned a setback when an airline stood up for the holiday. A casual greeting of 'Merry Christmas' by airline staff was met with an unusual amount of hatred by a man boarding a flight from New York to Dallas. The man not only became 'offended' by the completely benign gesture of a staff member wishing him a Merry Christmas, but he became aggressive enough to be kicked off the plane.

In a recent survey by Yahoo News, over 96% of the people polled agreed with the airline's stance of removing the man from the plane. It appears that even those who did not celebrate Christmas found it was completely acceptable for the staff to wish him Merry Christmas as it is a sign of good cheer. In fact, even those who do not celebrate Christmas stated that the proper response from the man was to smile and return the nice and friendly greeting back.

This is just one man going out against Christmas, but it is the symptom of something far greater in the US. For too long we have idly watched 'grinches' try to destroy Christmas saying things like 'not everyone celebrates' and we shouldn't 'push Christmas' on people. Of course those 'grinches' ignore the fact that their logic makes no sense when applied to the fullest. In essence, the person is saying, 'I don't care how much you want to be nice to everyone, I don't believe in being nice to people so I want you to stop being nice!'. What kind of society do these Ant-Christmas people want to bring?

The man was so offended by someone being nice to him, that he acted out in aggression. The irony here is while the U.S. is at war with a terrorist nation that does not celebrate Christmas, the liberal media often take the side of people like the guy who had to be kicked off a plane for being violent towards the staff. It makes you wonder if the media really know by supporting Christmas terrors like this guy that they send a message to the other terrors who hate Christmas.

With the last few years, the war on Christmas has escalated. However, with this guy rightfully kicked off the plane, it seems that the U.S. finally had enough of its fake P.C. 'don't celebrate Christmas in public or you might offend someone!' attitude and started to fight back. Sorry, liberals, but Christmas is here to stay.

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